Mot du président international


Président MCEI International


Dear members & friends of MCEI chapters around the world,

Hélas, our sharing of marketing and communications history, trends, and values
has (temporarily) lost our most treasured means..namely that of face to face
interaction, without a 2 meter social distancing and protective gear in order to
contain the covid-19 pandemic.
Living in a culture of meeting, greeting , celebrating, consoling, and grieving where
a handshake, a hug, an embrace , a pat on the shoulder, the light squeeze of a
hand all convey the warmth, understanding , trust, and empathy we wish to
communicate. Absence of this human contact leaves us all with a bit of an empty
To meet the challenge, I’ve personally chosen to favor voice over text whenever
possible…our voice is a unique element of our person. It’s personable! Another
“trick” I have adopted during this period is………writing! To family, friends , and
colleagues, a personal hand written note puts humanity back into communication.
Being among the fortunate ones who have had minimal health or economic
downturn, I encourage everyone to lend a helping hand to our MCEI members ,
neighbors and others who desperately need assistance now.
Remember the therapeutic benefit of a smile—which some ingenious
entrepreneurs have provided for us even while wearing a mask —-and let us be
among those who did the right thing in 2020 to protect strangers.
Jim Bissell

Mike Stuart